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Compiling the current version of langur requires the following (see installation instructions). Since we're now using Go modules, the IDE might download and install these for you automatically.

Compiling langur 0.5 also requires the following.

revision history

2024-05-19 - 0.15.3 - dropped restriction on using number as single token in interpolation - implemented Boolean multiplication with number, string, list, hash, and duration types; return original value if true or zero value if false - changed truthiness of datetime values so that proleptic Gregorian dates (UTC) are false - removed ast.findVariableNames() and ast.AddImpliedParameters() since no longer used - renamed ast.VariableNode as ast.IdentNode - replaced instances of &ast.IdentNode{...} with ast.NewVariableNode(...) 2024-05-12 - 0.15.2 - moved index operation to runframe function - fixed bug (created in 0.15.1) on index out of range error (that is, failed indexing on a langur string, list, or hash treating non-alternate index as alternate index) 2024-05-09 - 0.15.1 - added index by negative integer to index from the "right" (on strings and lists) - added in, of, not in, and not of infix operators (related, but not to be confused with for in or for of loops) - allow writing expansion max as [0..] instead of [0..-1] - removed index range by range (superfluous) - changed indexing operations to use an interface - simplified calling object.Index() and index alternate in compiler and VM (always short-circuiting); dropped opcode.OpIndexAlternate (assimilated into opcode.OpIndex) - edited haskey() to use IIndexable interface - fixed some bugs in regard to counting and using runes in strings instead of bytes 2024-05-05 - 0.15.0 - changed {{interpolation}} syntax; use ni modifier for non-interpolated string or regex; dropped old syntax - added {:} syntax for empty hash literals - changed internal names for conversion functions to match type names exactly - disallowed using {} as string quote markers, such as qs{} or re{} - disallowed token strings from being used as block markers

A full revision history is included in the download. See also the revisions and breaking changes.


Langur uses the Apache license 2.0.

For 0.5, the Go wrapper for decNumber and the decNumber library use an ICU license, which is included with the download.