Linux installation

These are the general instructions for installing the current version of langur. If you're installing langur 0.5, click here.

Installation on macOS might be similar.

  1. Install the Go language. I've tested with go 1.10.

  2. Set the GOPATH environment variable. The following links may be helpful. Note that this might not be necessary since langur 0.10.2, which uses Go modules.

    • SettingGOPATH
    • Golang Installation, Setup, GOPATH, and Go Workspace
    • Understanding the GOPATH

      "Introduced in Go 1.11, Go Modules aim to replace Go Workspaces and the GOPATH. While it is recommended to start using modules, some environments, such as corporate environments, may not be ready to use modules.

      The GOPATH is one of the trickier aspects of setting up Go, but once it is set up, we can usually forget about it." – ...

  3. Preferably, install an integrated development environment (IDE) to use with Go. I've been using LiteIDE.

  4. Copy the /src/ files from the download archive to the appropriate user Go source folder on your system (something like ~/go/src/).

  5. Once you have these things in place, you can test langur through the REPL. And, if you build langur, you can execute script files, of course.